Information Fatigue and How I Cope with It

I have recently learnt that in 2020 the amount of data worldwide grew by 30%. Information overload has become one of the negative outcomes of knowledge economy and how we cope with the fatigue can significantly improve our well-being. Hence, I want to share with you some habits that help me to fight information overload and restore my focus and energy.

Minimize the inflow of toxic / irrelevant information

I turned off push notifications from all mobile apps and social networks on my phone except for messengers with close friends and family. During work hours I switch on business chats and email and put them back on mute when I want to unplug from work.

Establish the routine of communication in different channels

I let my friends and coworkers know what channels of communication I use for which purpose and how quickly one could expect a response from me in each channel. For example, I usually reply instantly on Telegram, within one hour on Slack and within one business day by email.

Book time on your calendar for meaningful work (and breaks!)

This relatively new habit has had quite a positive effect on my focus and general well-being. I put on my calendar time slots for big chunks of work, lunch breaks, watching a documentary or reading an article that otherwise I’m likely to put to a ‘Saved’ folder and never get back to. I have noticed after some time of following this routine that I became much more productive and content with my time management.

Allocate time to spend without devices (‘moments of silence’)

I do not always practice meditation but I do my best to spend time without a phone or electronic devices and call those moments — ‘moments of silence’. I usually do something simple but enjoyable like walking, talking with loved ones or cleaning my apartment.

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