Monthly recap 1

I decided to share on a regular basis what I read and listen to on product management, fintech and start-ups. Here is my recap for January and February, 2020. Links are attached.


Zero To One by Peter Thiel

An insightful but controversial book by a PayPal co-founder and currently a venture capitalist on start-ups

Shape Up by Ryan Singer

A detailed overview of product development practices applied by Basecamp

Invasion. A Short History of Russian Hackers by Daniil Turovsky (in Russian)

A nice compilation of essays on Russian hackers — from Soviet engineering schools to global cyberwars and transnational crime groups

Articles and Blog Posts

TheRealReal’s Online Luxury Consignment Shop — The New Yorker

The story about TheRealReal, a platform selling previously owned luxury goods. FYI — resale was a twenty-four-billion-dollar market in 2018 and will grow to sixty-four billion dollars in 2028

Good Leaders are Great Storytellers — Our 6 Tips for Telling Stories That Resonate — First Round Review

Good examples of how a great story makes a difference for a sales pitch, motivating your team, branding and much more

The complete guide to onboarding customers for long-term success — Inside Intercom blog

A detailed post on how Intercom approaches onboarding. What I like about Inside Intercom blog is that each post gives a very specific advice illustrated by real life examples, super useful for product teams

Are you a Builder or an Optimizer? — Mind the Product

Do you believe that product managers should develop different set of skills based on their role in the organization: launching new products vs optimizing existing ones? I am still not convinced that those two types of PMs are so distinct but it is a great post to start from if you are interested in understanding more about development tracks in product management

Blog by Nick Kerigan

I found this new blog by Nick Kerigan, a Managing Director at Barclays, and I like how his ideas resonate with my views on product management and fintech


World Retail Banking Report 2019 — Capgemini

World Payments Report 2019 — Capgemini

Capgemini’s take on main trends within retail banking and global payments


Validating Ideas through Design Thinking — LinkedIn Pages team for Product School San Francisco

The team talks about collaboration between a PM, designer and a user researcher and provides valuable insights on how LinkedIn incorporates user research in a product development cycle

Leveling Up in the Product World — Mind the Product

Asha Haji talks about treating your product management career like a video game:) On a serious note it is a great reminder that you should have a career strategy


make sense podcast (in Russian) by Product Sense

One of my favourite podcast on product management and business. Always dynamic and thought provoking conversations about product management frameworks, methodologies and real life examples

Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS

All news about UK and global fintech in one podcast. I learnt so much about existing and new fintech players from this one

Let me know if you have read any stories from the list and please share your reading list as well.



Product manager at fintech. MBA @ IE Business School. Currently B2C Product Lead at Revo Technology. Bookworm.

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